About Us

Who is Bear Hand Crafts?
Bear Hand Crafts is a proudly South African business that is true to the heritage of quality designer handcrafted paper products. We want to share in celebrating your special occasions and create everlasting moments of happiness through our authentic, extraordinary and uniquely handmade greeting cards, envelopes, invitations, gift bags, bookmarks and other accessories.  

What Separates Us From The Rest?
Bear Hand Crafts believes that creativity is the best way to express ones feelings without having to say a word. 
Our talented artist brings every clients vision to reality through the most beautifully, vibrant, contemporary and personalized handmade paper products at affordable prices.  

Why Bear Hand Crafts?
We use an assortment of the finest locally sourced handmade papers for our range of products that are well suited to express your individuality. We pride ourselves on our authentic and intricate art work which is printed by hand and made especially for you. Handmade with Love, Handmade for You, Handmade for lasting Memories!!! 

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